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 The West African Road Safety Organisation (WARSO) emerged from the defunct Groupes des Pays African de la Prevention Routiére Internationale (GPA-PRI) created in 1985 in Lisbon with members drawn from some countries in Africa. GPA-PRI is an African adaptation of La Prevention Routiére Internationale (PRI), an International Road Safety body with members spread across the globe

Under the authority of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Infrastructure, Land Transport and Opening up (MITTD) prepares and implements the policy defined by the Head of State in the fields of land transport and infrastructure. It is responsible for ensuring the construction and maintenance of major road and rail infrastructure. In this capacity, he is responsible for the development and implementation of opening up strategies.

The Alliance Francophone for Road Safety was created on March 30 in Paris. The members of the association undertake to cooperate in the fight against road accidents in French-speaking countries, particularly developing countries, by supporting, accompanying or implementing projects led by national or local actors. This new Francophone network is part of the implementation of the Resolution on Road Safety adopted at the 16th Summit of the Francophonie held in Antanarivo on 26 and 27 November 2016.

LuxMobility is a leading international consultancy company within the field of mobility and sustainable transport in Europe. LuxMobility aims to play a major role in providing solutions for the growing mobility problems in cities worldwide. In a way, LuxMobility operates as a logical connector between mobility questions and solutions. LuxMobility is producing knowledge, solutions and consultancy for mobility challenges in the urban environment.

VIA has more than 30 years of experience with traffic engineering and IT. It translates its many years of knowledge into smart software that forms the Digital partner of policy makers, road authorities and the police. With the Digital partner VIA wants to create transparent information, based on data files and to make this information accessible to a large group of users. By always being innovative VIA wants to contribute towards road safety. VIA is keen to share this know-how. This is why the VIA Software can be used on a global scale and VIA can help more and more users when dealing with road safety by using the Digital partner.

The objective of the Business Partnership Facility is to encourage the Luxembourg and European private sector to partner with partners - public or private - active in developing countries to set up sustainable business projects. As such, the Business Partnership Facility provides for the establishment, for a period of three years, of a working capital fund endowed by the MAEE with an envelope of EUR 1 million.